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Wa going on?

We’re Alyssa, Kevin and Chanelle 👋🏾 We all grew up in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and currently live in the UK. We founded Nyammin’ in 2019 with an aim to enhance Caribbean awareness through cuisine and culture.


Fun fact: “nyam” is a word commonly used across the Caribbean which means to eat/taste. 


How we got started

We got tired of hearing some misconceptions about food in the BVI (no, jerk chicken is not the main thing we eat) so we wanted to do something about that because there are so many nuances between Caribbean islands!


We started hosting supper club experiences across London highlighting individual islands which featured a four-course menu curated with food and rum specific to the island(s) and fun ways to learn through entertainment & games.


Entering our rum cake era

Ayo…things were on the right track. We hosted experiences highlighting the British Virgin Islands (obviously), St. Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Saint Lucia and then the COVID-19 pandemic began. We could no longer meet in person but we still had bills to pay.


After a few weeks of stress eating johnny cakes we decided that we would launch a rum cake. Sometimes the actual rum used in rum cakes is an afterthought, a secret or not considered however each rum has its own unique history. So, we committed to always celebrate and highlight the rum used in our cakes. During the lockdowns we partnered with Chairman’s Reserve Rum of Saint Lucia, developed the recipe and planned the launch which happened in December 2020. 



We have been on quite the journey ever since! From selling out our rum cakes at UK rum festivals, catering for 400+ people, collaborating with British Airways & Mob, private food catering & supper clubs and most recently earning global recognition for our Chairman’s Reserve rum cakes in 2023 by winning a highly prized Great Taste award with a 2-star rating. 


Hello BVI rum cake 🇻🇬

Following our UK success, we wanted to develop a rum cake in our home country which celebrates BVI heritage and culture.


We partnered with the Callwood Rum Distillery - one of the Caribbean’s oldest continuously operating pot distilleries and the only operating rum distillery in the British Virgin Islands - and launched the must-have BVI rum cake in December 2023.

Our story continues - follow us @wenyammin to see what we've been up to lately!

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