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13 February 2024

Nyammin’ launches the must-have BVI rum cake in collaboration with the Callwood Rum Distillery

The rum cake is made in the British Virgin Islands and celebrates BVI heritage and culture

The must-have Nyammin’ BVI rum cake is made in collaboration with the Callwood Rum Distillery

ROAD TOWN, TORTOLA - Nyammin’ has announced the launch of the must-have British Virgin Islands rum cake made in collaboration with the Callwood Rum Distillery. The rum cake is made in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), infused with Arundel Cane rum and rum-soaked fruit and boasts a traditional dark colour.

About Nyammin’

Nyammin’ was founded in 2019 by three British Virgin Islanders, Chanelle and Alyssa Harrigan and Kevin Jones with an aim to enhance Caribbean awareness through cuisine and culture.


Nyammin' co-founders Alyssa Harrigan, Kevin Jones and Chanelle Harrigan

Nyammin’ originally started out in the UK hosting Caribbean supper club experiences across London but had to quickly pivot the business model when supper clubs were no longer permitted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the lockdowns, the Nyammin’ team developed and launched a rum cake in collaboration with Chairman’s Reserve Rum of Saint Lucia. Sometimes the actual rum used in rum cakes is an afterthought, a secret or not considered however each rum has its own unique history so Nyammin’ committed to always celebrate and highlight the rum used in their cakes.

Since launching in December 2020, the rum cakes have had success selling out at UK festivals and earned global recognition by winning a highly prized 2023 Great Taste award with the 2-star rating. Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme. Over 14k products from 109 different countries across the world were put through a rigorous blind judging process. A 2-star rating means ‘outstanding and above and beyond delicious’. Nyammin’s Chairman Reserve rum cake was one of the 1,568 products that was awarded this prestigious rating.


Nyammin's award-winning UK rum cake is made with Chairman's Reserve rum of Saint Lucia

BVI Rum Cake Launch 

Following their UK success, Nyammin’ wanted to launch a rum cake in their home country and given its rich BVI heritage, partnered with the Callwood Rum Distillery. 


The Callwood Rum Distillery is the only operating rum distillery in the British Virgin Islands. Arundel Cane Rum is distilled and blended by the Callwood family for more than 200 years in one of the Caribbean’s oldest continuously operating pot distilleries located in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola.


“We are so proud to be partnering with the Callwood Rum Distillery for the launch of our new BVI rum cake,” says Chanelle Harrigan, Nyammin’ co-founder. “We wanted to create a product that celebrates BVI heritage and culture and grew up learning about the history of the distillery so it’s amazing that we’re able to collaborate with them for our first product launched at home.”

BVI Rum Cake Melee

The Nyammin’ BVI rum cake is locally made in the British Virgin Islands and uses Arundel’s Original Dark rum which is aged for 4 years. Dried fruit is soaked in the rum for maximum flavour, a nod to the traditional method of making rum cakes in the BVI. The cake has a rich dark colour inspired by the rum cakes the Nyammin’ co-founders would eat growing up which were always dark in appearance. The cake is 4-inches with a larger size available upon request.


Co-founder and head chef Kevin Jones dedicated countless hours developing and refining the recipe through 10 baking trials. “Every rum is different so I wanted to find the right amount of each ingredient to complement the delicious notes in Arundel’s Original Dark rum,” said Kevin Jones. “I’m very patriotic so being able to collaborate with the Callwood Rum Distillery which is also deep-rooted in BVI culture is a dream come true.”


The Nyammin' BVI rum cake is infused with Arundel's Original Dark rum, rum-soaked fruit and boasts a traditional dark colour 

The packaging incorporates colours from the BVI flag and has a design dedicated to highlighting BVI beauty and aspects the Nyammin’ co-founders love about their home country. It includes:


  • Hibiscus flower - found all over the islands and a popular earring design which was a childhood favourite for Chanelle and Alyssa


  • Monohull yacht - named “284” to represent the country’s area code and being commonly referred to as the “sailing capital of the world”

  • Beach - represents the stunning white sand beaches across the BVI 


“From the rich dark colour of our cakes, to the  rum-soaked fruit we wanted to stay true to the rum cakes we grew up with and loved,” says Alyssa Harrigan, Nyammin’ co-founder. “Every colour and symbol was  meticulously chosen for our packaging to celebrate our BVI pride.”


Nyammin's newest rum cake is locally made in the British Virgin Islands 


These must-have rum cakes are currently available at the Callwood Rum Distillery, Initial Artistry (BVI Apparel House) at the Terrance B. Lettsome Airport and Swirlzzz and KennyTees at the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park. Nyammin’ aims to expand across the islands in 2024 and beyond.


The cakes are also available for wholesale and corporate orders. Not only are they tasty BVI souvenirs but also perfectly sized for gifting, hospitality and special events like destination weddings and parties. 


For more information about the Nyammin’ BVI rum cake, please visit or contact

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